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The Range Round Up- 3

Hello Patrons. Welcome to the third installment of the "Range Round Up" where we keep you up to date on all things San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range. We have been busy! Well not as far as the range being open goes, but more so in the office. Unfortunately, this storm did quite a number on the range. There was some major damage. It's been a real struggle for the range and some of the staff who rely on the income weekly to keep the bills getting paid. We are grateful for the rain but we hope that we can get some sun soon. Make sure to come see us when the sun is out. My staff and I will appreciate the support!

We would like to inform our patrons of an upcoming change to our business name. We will still be the same great range, however, we will be doing business as the "Linden Gun Range"- Officially. SJRPR is hard to market, most people know us by the "Linden Gun Range", and so many people don't know how to pronounce or spell "Joaquin". We may improve upon our logo along the way as well. We will keep you posted!


We had a chance to meet with Oakdale Sportsman’s Vice President, Jimmy Grassmidt, for lunch last week. He was so helpful and such a hardworking man. He devotes so much time in making sure the Oakdale Sportsman Club continues to be successful and run great USPSA and Fun Matches, so we are grateful that he was able to share his time with us to give us an overview to what it takes to run a successful Competitive Shooting Club. Every day we become closer to having our own out here on our facility.

The Linden Gun Range Shooting Club is getting a makeover! It will now be known as the LGR Academy. This program will offer more than just shooting as we develop the program. You can check out the new programs and dates on our website under the LGR Academy tab.

We are excited to announce that we have officially filed for our new 501 c(3) Competitive shooting club: Linden Competitive Shooting Club (LCSC). We are now so much closer to having USPSA sanctioned matches here at the “Linden Gun Range.” We will soon be opening up the opportunity for memberships. For those that are new to competitive shooting or know someone who is and want more information, definitely enroll in out LGR Academy Course “Intro to Competitive Shooting”. Here you will learn all about what it takes to shoot competitively in a safe environment and most importantly, how to shoot safely in a competitive environment. Once you have taken that class and you have had you first try at competitive shooting, enroll in our LGR Academy Course “Competition Shooting Clinic- Module 1”. Here you will spend the day out on the range going through all the basics of what an actual match would look like, the do’s and don’ts, how not to get disqualified, how to move through the stage, and how to properly arrive and depart from a competition. If you are interested, the website will be up and ready for enrollment starting next week. We've had a ton of interest already so be sure to reserve your spot before the classes are filled. Anyone who can not provide proof of previous competition experience, will be required to attend these courses before enrolling in their first match.

Things in the works:

LGR- Beginning APRIL

  • Programs have been developed

  • Website- Almost finished, now visible for available programs

  • Dates Posted

  • Registration & Payment should be up in the next day or two

LGR Intro to Competitive Shooting Class

  • Course description posted

  • Dates posted

  • Need to get the marketing printed and posted

LGR Competition Shooting Clinic- Module 1

  • Course description posted

  • Dates posted

  • Need to get the marketing printed and posted

Competitive shooting club name: LINDEN COMPETITIVE SHOOTING CLUB (LCSC)

  • 501c(3) has been filed

  • Selecting a Board of Directors

  • Starting a Go Fund Me account

  • Pre-paid entry for new members to help start club and build our assets to run a successful club

  • New email address available (

  • Building a new LCSC website

Monthly LCSC Fun Shoots to turn USPSA sanctioned matches the second Sunday of every month.

  • Anticipated start time- April

  • Need volunteers

  • Need club members

Yearly membership program

  • Finalizing pricing

  • Website development

  • Payment platform

  • Need to switch Point of Sales in order to facilitate program

Upcoming Range Rentals and Classes:



NRA Range Safety Officer



Spartan Defense CCW-Renew


In-House classes within the month:

Friday March 3-

Utah Multi-State CCW

CL2 6:00PM-10:00PM

Saturday March 4-


CL2 10:00AM-2:30PM /200 Yard Comp 1&2 2:30PM-4:30PM

Saturday March 18:


200 Yard Range- 9:30AM-4:00PM

In closing:

We will continue to strive for a successful 2017 and possibly some better blogging! Thank you for reading and for supporting one of the last standing outdoor public ranges in California. Stay safe and train often.

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