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Glenn R. Abrescy

LGR Academy Director, Instructor

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Department of Justice (DOJ) Certified Instructor

Peace Officer – Retired. CYA/Department of Corrections - 28 years

  • Range Master

  • Firearms Instructor

  • Impact Weapons Instructor

  • Chemical Agents Instructor

  • Range Safety Officer

  • Expandable Baton Instructor

  • Impact Weapons Instructor

  • Tactical Team Member

  • Basic Correctional Juvenile Academy Instructor


During his career, Glenn helped to establish and maintain an outstanding firearms instruction and range safety record. A departmental range safety officer for 21 years, he completed the Correctional Range Master Academy in 2014. From there, he led his Division in creating new range safety procedures and training protocols while increasing the overall shooting/tactical skillsets of his officers. He is known for his “firm yet patient" approach to instruction, specializing in assisting struggling students to achieve their goals.


A 35-year Filipino Martial Arts Instructor, Glenn believes firearms training is martial art training and should be approached with safety, education, dedication, and respect. 

Glenn offers private, semi-private, and group instruction. Please contact Glenn to work out an instruction time that will fit your schedule and develop a training plan that will fit your needs.


LGR Academy Email

J. Birm

LGR Academy Instructor


Jared (Birm) is an 18-year, highly decorated Special Operations Marine Raider (Critical Skills Operator) with top-tier experience and decades of highly kinetic deployments in multiple non-permissive environments supporting the Global war on terror.


Birm is a Scout Sniper as well as a SOCOM Advanced Master Sniper. SME on Assault/Sniper support integration and mission planning. He has completed and instructed multiple Extreme long-range courses such as Pale Horse Precision, Accuracy First, and SAAMI. He is a well-accomplished professional competitive long-range/USPSA shooter in the pro civilian series. He has been the lead Instructor for multiple LE, high-risk training packages with the most prestigious HR/SWAT units He holds the title of SOCOM Master instructor for Advanced sniper operations, Arial Sniper, Heliborne Vehicle interdiction, Master Assaulter and Master Breacher.


Birm has executed many highly successful real-world combat Sniper operations and helo bourne strike force around the globe in a leadership position. He continues to stay on the front lines to better enhance ballistic solver solutions and precision reloading. He is well versed in Applied Ballistics and Horus software.


Other qualifications include Counter Sniper, Special reconnaissance, Counter surveillance, Combative Diver, Machine gun leader, VBSS, FBI post-blast analysis, HME, Explosive response operators’ course, Spec Demo/Applied explosives, and detailed target analysis for full spectrum CONUS/OCONUS special operations. He utilizes the crawl, walk run method of instruction, intending to isolate each key movement to create the best shooter/operator within the shortest time. 

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