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The Range Round Up 2

Hello Patrons,

Back again with another Range Round Up in efforts to keep our patrons in the know and up to date on all things San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range; the "Linden Gun Range".


It was a slow week. However, even though the weather kept the range quiet, it gave us time to get some office work done.

I have been focused on getting the LGR Shooting Club’s 2017 Program posted on our website, the schedule written, and marketing developed. Last week I met with Duncan Ramirez (First Response), Scott Kunz (GSG Learning Institute), Miles Luces-Harder (SJRPR Office Manager & LGR Basic Program Club Coordinator), and Jenny Gee (SJRPR Executive Assistant & LGR Defensive Program Coordinator).

Topics discussed:

  • Client demographic

  • Client history report

  • Switching from levels to modules and two programs: Basic & Defensive

  • Expansion programs

  • Flashlight as a defensive tool

  • Malfunction only module

  • Dry fire training

  • Armorer

  • Personal defense

  • Canning

  • First aid

  • Cleaning and field stripping

  • Do’s & Don’ts

  • Transportation, Gun storage & home storage

  • CCW holders practice program

  • Value & Pricing

  • Gun Rentals for Basic Program as a “Try & Buy” model

  • Pro-shop expansion

  • Classroom programs

  • Simunitions

  • Co-ed vs. Ladies or Men’s only

  • Apparel

Is there something you would like to see us offer? We would love to hear your feedback! We are looking forward to having an amazing program that will keep shooters on range and practicing regularly.

Things in the works:

  • LGR- Beginning MARCH

  • Programs

  • Website

  • Dates

  • Developing an Intro to Competition Class

  • Developed a program, need to finalize the print and turn into Power Point

  • Starting a competitive shooting club

  • Forming a 501c(3)

  • Selecting a Board of Directors

  • Starting a Go Fund Me account

  • Pre-paid entry for new members to help start club and build our assets to run a successful club

  • Monthly Fun Shoots to turn USPSA sanctioned matches the second Sunday of every month

  • Anticipated start time- April

  • Yearly membership program

  • Finalizing pricing

  • Website development

  • Payment platform

  • Need to switch Point of Sales in order to facilitate program

Team SJRPR aka LGR:

Some of our staff (including myself), family and range affiliates attended the Oakdale Fun Shoot this past Sunday. The Oakdale Fun Shoot is very similar to the Fun Shoots we will be starting in April (anticipated) on the second Sunday of every month. The results were combined and did not identify the different firearms divisions or whether one was running a major or minor power factor. There were a total of 131 guns ran that day.

My nephew Dylan Zador (12) ran in his first match ever (in video). He only finished 3 stages before having to leave my brother, Erik. He place 130th running a CZ 75.

Kyle Hulsey is one to watch. He was not only a top competitor at the American Marksman Nationals, but is now doing very well on the Calaveras Trap and Skeet team. He came to the fun shoot and had an unfortunate day because of recurring malfunctions. I felt his disappointment with one of the guns I was shooting. Not being able to get a clean stage in is difficult to swallow but happens to even the best shooters and proves itself to be a great training practice. He placed 100th with a XD. His day of shooting wasn't done after this match, though. He was then off to go shoot shotguns with his dad and our Range Safety Officer, Aron Hulsey.

My brother, Erik Zador, is also new to competitive shooting with only a few under his belt. He seems to improve with every competition he goes to. He also ran the CZ 75 and placed 67th.

RSO Aron Hulsey ran Single Stack with a Dan Wesson 1911. He is always a great time to watch as every stage he does is surely to get a giggle out of me. I believe it was the first time he ran this gun. He place 59th.

My highest scoring stage was 12th. Overall I placed 23rd. Not too shabby for me, especially when sizing up to the likes of Rich Wolfe’s and Allen Lowes’s of our area. I started the day with a CZ 75 40 cal. Every stage, like Kyle, had a malfunction. I placed 62nd. It was the first time I ran the gun and only practiced with it once (two days) prior. Ultimately, I want to run it again after some fine tuning. My usual gun is a CZ 75 9mm. It was nice to finally get some clean runs with it.

Finishing at 14th and 15th was our newest LGR shooting Club instructor and owner of GSG Learning Institute and Firearms located in Lodi, Scott Kunz. He was using a STI EDGE 9mm.

Congrats to all that made it out and got another day of training under their belt. I truly cannot wait to bring this experience to my range, just as my parents once did with Silhouette shooting years ago. It was a wonderful day with great people enjoying a sport that we all love.

Upcoming Range Rentals and Classes:

This Saturday:

PPR1- Spartan Defense Women’s

PPR2- First Response firearms

This Sunday:

PPR2- First Response

In-House classes within the month:

We have our Utah Multi State CCW coming up on Feb 17th.

Followed by our NRA RSO class Feb 19th.

Check our website for more information.

In closing:

We will continue to strive for a successful 2017 and possibly some better blogging! Thank you for reading and for supporting one of the last standing outdoor public ranges in California. Stay safe and train often.

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