Dear Prospective LGR Membership Applicants,

As an LGR member, you will have access to the Linden Gun Range without daily entry fees as well as discounts to the LGR Academy and the Linden Competitive Shooting Club training!

Becoming an LGR member will help keep the range open for years to come and expand the many capabilities the facility has to offer its community. We look forward to providing a multitude of events, training, and social opportunities for its members, through its members, and through the efforts of this program. 

LGR Membership Perks:

  • *Members Hours: Thursday - Monday: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

    • Members-only on Mondays

    • Early access to members only Thursday-Sunday 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

    • Coming soon, Members Bypass Window for faster Check-ins

    • Unlimited Membership: $0 Range Access without reservations to the public ranges

    • Limited Membership: Unlimited $10 Range Access without reservations to the public ranges

  • Free rentals of sandbags, bench rest, and spotting scopes

  • Automatic Membership in The Linden Competitive Shooting Club with Generous Discounts to all LCSC Competitions

  • Discounts on LGR Academy Certified Firearms Training Courses, LGR Student Range Fees, and/or Course Fees (with participating training Groups only.)

  • 1 Free Zeroing Target per Visit

  • 5% off LGR Pro Shop 

  • Free Spectator Entry

  • Membership ID Card

  • Special Members Only Offers

  • MEMBERS GUEST ALLOWANCE: 3 non-member guests per visit max  at a discounted entry rate of $20 per adult. Member must accompany guest(s)

How to become an LGR Member:

  1. Fill out and submit our LGR Membership Application.

  2. Once you have been approved, we will send you a "Membership Acceptance" email with a link to pay your onboarding initiation fee.

  3. ​Once we receive confirmation of rendered initiation payment, you will be sent an invite to join our membership platform: MemberPlanet, Linden Gun Range. Your membership level will be pre-populated. 

  4. Create your MemberPlanet profile. It will give you reminders of your membership renewal date as well as allow us to reach out to our members for special events, surveys, and hosts a discussion forum.

  5. Pay your first membership annual or monthly fee either through your MemberPlanet profile or in the LGR Pro shop with cash or a check made payable to the Linden Gun Range.

  6. Pick up your membership card and begin utilizing your membership benefits!