LGR APPROVEd TRAINER or event host


Trainer / Event host ON-Boarding:

  1. Start the process by submitting the New Trainers Application using our online form under the Certified Trainers menu

  2. Scheduling a   Range Walk Through using our online form with an authorized LGR representative. During that time we will go over all the information necessary,  walk the facility to show you the amenities, and introduce you to the range staff. If you are unavailable to do a range walkthrough due to distance, please use the Range Walk Through form to schedule a phone call to discuss the facility and our various training options.

  3. Determine which Trainer Designation best suits your company and your needs: (In-House, Specialty, or Competition Training Company, Event Host). During the Range Walk Through, we will discuss your goals and visions and come upon the best program to suit your Training and Event needs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  4. Once approved, trainers must submit a  Course / Event Description Form for each course held at the LGR. This form will be submitted once unless changes to your courses have been made or adding a new course/event to your training list.                                                                                                                                                                  

  5. MINIMUM RENTAL REQUIREMENT: All LGR  "In-House" Approved trainers must rent the facility a minimum of 4 times per year. Out of state training, companies will be approved accordingly. Any trainer that does not use the facility 4 times must pay $200 for each course incomplete in order to continue to train on-site the following year without having to pay the trainers "Drop-In Rate".  If you are an out of state training company, specialty training group, or securities company, we will accommodate your needs and requests accordingly. If you plan on using the facility less than 4 times per year, a personalized contract will be drafted.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  6. INSURANCE: All training Companies are required to submit proof of insurance naming San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range Inc. as “Additionally Insured” for $1,000,000.00 per occurrence. All training staff associated with your training company must be listed as additionally insured on your insurance policy and all instructors and all training company staff are required to fill out the LGR range waiver. You can attach your proof of insurance while filling out the New Trainers Form, or you can email a copy to                                                                                                                                                                                      

  7. Read and understand our Terms of Service and Code of Ethics / Conduct. Trainers will agree to all SJRPR Inc., and its subsidiaries LGR Terms of Service and to LGR code of Ethics/Conduct during the Request for Range Rental form process. In-House Trainers pricing is stated under the Terms of Service.                  


SCHEDULING YOUR FIRST COURSE                                        



Schedule your first course by looking at our RANGE Calendar to check facility availability and then filling out our  REQUEST FOR RANGE RENTAL form. Depending on our contract agreement you will select an option of payment on the form (Option listed below under COURSE DAY & FINAL PAYMENT). After the form is submitted, we will confirm your request, collect your trainer's fee/deposit to hold your course date and according to the contract agreement. Once a deposit is made, we will add your course to the Range Calendar to secure the date. LGR's marketing team will add collected information to our website and post it on our media platforms.



Deposits will be accepted by cash, check, and credit.


  1. Trainers send a link to our range liability waiver to their students prior to course date (typically in their confirmation email). This will expedite their check-in process on the day of the course.

  2. Waivers will be verified according to trainers roster list, by LGR staff. Any absent waivers must be filled out during the check-in process on course day.

  3. Trainers email  at least 48 hours prior to course date with their student roster or Training Company will receive a verified roster of students who signed up through PractiScore.




Course day & Final Payment  




All students should check into the office 30 minutes prior to the scheduled class to check in. Please choose which option below will best suit your company's preferences. We will discuss these options prior to scheduling your first class.​       


LGR Approved "In-house" trainers only

  1. Trainers email  48 hours prior to their course date or drop off a printed version to the LGR Staff prior to doors open (typically at or before 8:00 AM).

  2. Trainers will pay the applicable student range fees & balance due by either CASH or CHECK in the LGR range office the morning of their course according to student count. 

    • Student Range Fees are $17 for a course being held on Bay 1 or Bay 2 and $20-$30 for a course being held on any of the 200-yard range bays depending on the contract agreement.​

  3. During payment processing, students will receive a wristband and verify/fill out the liability waiver.

Option C: Contract Agreement

Out-of-State / Specialty Trainers only

  1. Payment amount and processing will be according to the contract agreement.

  2. Trainers MUST email with their course roster 48 prior to the course date.

  3. Students must check-in at LGR range office prior to course start to verify liability waiver and receive a wristband.

Option D: PRACTISCORE/contract agreement

Competition-Type Training Companies

  1. Payment amount and processing will be according to the contract agreement.

  2. Linden Competitive Shooting Club (LCSC) will use PractiScore for registration.

  3. LGR Admin will send trainer a PractiScore link for registration.

  4. LCSC will forward trainer registration confirmations prior to course start date.

    • This ensures we have a roster and can get an account of what type of shooters will be registering for your course.

    • Most competition shooters currently use PractiScore so they will be familiar with the process of registration.

    • Added bonus, your course will be visible to all our home range competitors reminding them that your training company will be hosting a course specific to their needs and desires, each time they register for a competition.

    • If students register directly through your website, please send them a link for registration to PractiScore. This will include the link to our LGR liability waiver.

  5. Students must check-in at LGR range office prior to course start to verify liability waiver and receive a wristband, no payments will be taken.

End of day procedures: 


  • For any reason there is a balance due to the trainer for any student fees under the minimum requirement, the trainer shall pay the balance prior to 4:00 PM.

  • All students should be given prior knowledge that the range office will close at 4:00 PM and will no longer have access to refreshments. This is especially important for low-light courses.

  • No students shall be left on-site without a certified, insured instructor unless otherwise agreed upon. These specifics can be requested while filling out the "Trainers Request for Range Rental" If you are scheduled for a normal range hours course, all students and trainers should be off the facility no later than 5:30 PM.

  • Low-light courses: all students and instructors shall be off-site no later than 10:00 PM. Last shots fired at 9:15 PM and all brass and trash policed. Low-light courses will be coordinated with an Approved LGR Representative.

  • All brass must be picked up prior to end of course. If any brass is left on the range, a $300 brass cleaning fee will be invoiced to the training company.