Christine Zádor

President & CEO of SJRPR Inc.Office Administration, LGR Certified Trainers Coordinator, LGR/LCSC Web Designer, Range Safety Officer, Firearms Trainer, LGR Academy Coordinator, President of the Linden Competitive Shooting Club, Competitive Shooter. 


Christine has dedicated herself to carrying on her parents legacy. She attended the University of Southern California where she played water polo and won an NCAA Women's Championship - scoring the winning goal for USC. An ametuer shooter, she competes in various styles of competitions in hopes of bring new styles of shooting to the range.  Her dream is to make SJRPR a top-notch shooting and training facility. 


  • NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Instructor

  • NRA Certified Pistol & Rifle Instructor

  • National Range Officers Institute Certified Range Officer

  • U.S. Practical Pistol Association Member

  • USCCA Member

  • NRA Member

  • LGR Academy Defensive Pistol. Defensive Shotgun, Defensive Rifle

  • American Marksman National competitor, top 20 finalist

  • Chris Costa Handgun Elements, Carbine Elements, & Vehicle Elements Theory 1

  • LGR Academy Intro to Competitive Shooting

  • USPSA Member & Competitor 

  • GSG Exposed Carry Pistol

  • CCW Certification through First Response Tactical

  • OpTemp Low Light Operations Pistol Course

PRO SHOP / office

jenny gee

executive assistant, LGR administration, Office Sales Associate

Ami mangham

Office Sales Associate, LGR administration, social media marketing & Range Safety Officer

Born in Wyoming, Ami started shooting from a young age; often plinking as well as hunting deer and elk with her parent's in the Uinta mountains. She proudly served in the United States Navy with an F/A-18 squadron aboard the U.S.S. Carl Vinson as an Aviation Weapons Specialist (Aviation Ordnance). Ami's enthusiasm for ordnance has extended well into her post-military career. She continues to shoot at LGR and enjoys attending tactical firearm manipulation courses and conceal carry skills training.


  • NRA Range Safety Officer

  • NRA Member

  • Exposed Firearms Training for Range Safety Staff-2017

  • LGR Ladies Pistol Night Basic & Intermediate Levels I, II & III

  • LGR Advanced I & II

  • Conceal Carry Skills Training

  • Costa Ludus Handgun Elements Theory 

Johnnie blackburn

Office Sales Associate


Jason Hill

Jason started shooting at the age of 10 years old and from ages 13-17 he was actively shooting monthly CMP rifle matches. By age 18, he began shooting pistol fun shoots and matches. He has experience shooting with the known gun enthusiast, John Bagaki, and competition expert Rich Wolfe. At the age of 19 he starting reloading. He is a long time trap and skeet shooter. Jason is very competitive and lives to shoot while pushing the limits of firearms and accuracy. He is very knowledgeable with rifles and pistols and scope adjustments. He continues to shoot in his spare time with his father. "2nd Amendment is a lifestyle not just a hobby". 



  • NRA Range Safety Officer Certified

  • Exposed Firearms Training for Range Safety Staff-2016

  • Life NRA and CRPA member

  • Former NRA basic rifle & pistol instructor

  • C.M.P. Member

  • S.A.S.S. Member

  • U.S.P.S.A. Member

  • 2008-2009-2010 NRA sports teaching life skills class completion

  • Defensive shotgun 

  • Defensive pistol 

  • Active Shooter Course

Erie Luces

Born and Raised in Stockton, CA.  Erie started shooting with his dad at age 12 and has been shooting ever since.  He enjoys working on computers, firearms and classic cars in his spare time, but what he enjoys the most is shooting with family.  “Family that shoots together stays together”.


  • NRA Range Safety Officer Certified

  • Exposed Firearms Training for Range Safety Staff-2016

  • NRA Member

  • Front Sight Guardian Member

  • LGR Men’s Pistol Basic & Intermediate Level I, II & III

  • Tactical Pistol Applications I

  • Active Shooter Course

stephen hutchins

colin lloyd

daniel durham-cordova

ray walters

Linden Competitive Shooting Club


Linden Gun Range and Competitive Shooting Club representative on-site medical adviser and social media marketer.

Daphne was born and raised in the Bay Area starting her medical career at the age of 16
while working with the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue Team as a volunteer
Cadet First Responder. She soon became an EMT and spent many years working on an
ambulance serving throughout the Bay Area until she moved to the Central Valley to pursue her
goal of Emergence Nursing. She currently serves in several local Central Valley Emergency
Departments and volunteers for medical standby at local events.

Daphne picked up her first gun in 2008 to train for self defense. After being introduced to
USPSA competitions shortly after that it became a way of life. Being involved with the competitions inspired here to become involved, additionally, by taking on the LCSC Social Media position in order to highlight the sport for our community.

● Licensed Registered Nurse
● Trauma Nurse Core Course certified
● ACLS Certified
● PALS Certified
● HAZMAT First Responder
● Swiftwater Rescue First Responder
● Rescue Operations Basic Certified
● Concealed Carry Training
● NROI certified Range Officer
● USPSA Member
● Madison Society Lifetime Member

honorable mentions




Mow Mow, Patron Greeter

Born in Escalon, CA, Mow Mow has been a part of this facility for over four years. She loves to greet our shooters every day. When not in the office, she is in a small box somewhere, begging for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, chasing lizards, or finding a way to get back into the office to greet her friends. Mow Mow, being a special kind of cat, understands that not everyone can be around her, so she is more than happy to leave the office if anyone requests it due to allergies.





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