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LGR Membership and the Linden Competitive Shooting Club


LCSC Level 1  Match Fees

Members will enjoy a discount for Fun Shoots as well.

Prices may vary per match.


Adult $20


Adult $30


1 USPSA Sunday Match per month.

2 Tuesday Night Fun Shoots per month.

1 Steel Challenge Match per month.


LCSC Matches and Practice Bay Specifics:​


​Those wishing to use the LGR Practice Bays must also agree to our Terms of Service, Code of Ethics/Conduct and rules & regulations enforced by Linden Gun Range & The Linden Competitive Shooting Club and its staff. 


  • A Working or Non Working Member

  • Shoot at least 4 LCSC Competitions per Membership Year.​


Practice ranges & Scheduling:


Approved Range Officer (RO) Qualifications:

  1. National Range Officers Institute Range Officer  (NROI) Certification (Required for using Practice Bays alone)

  2. Department letterhead from Law Enforcement Division stating you are a certified Range Officer (Required for using Practice Bays alone)

  3. NRA Range Safety Officer Certification MAY be accepted depending on experience and exposure to the sport.

WORKING & NON WORKING Members receive a $0 entry fee for both the private practice bays and public ranges. Once you have become an  member, you will be able to use LGR Private Practice Bays throughout the week according to LGR's hours of operation and availability and approval. 




    • Fill out the MEMBERS Practice Bay Request form and participate in a "Practice Bay Orientation". This should only take up to 15 minutes to go over the range rules and show you the equipment available for use.

  2. RANGE OFFICERS: It is required that you have a Certified RO (Range Officer) on range during all practices.

    • RO must be present before firing commences and shall remain on site until the practice is finished.

    • RO must be approved by the LGR. 

    • We highly encourage all members to take the NROI Range Officer course and gain certification.

  3. QUALIFICATIONS: All Practice Bay shooters MUST

    • Have taken our LCSC New Shooter Course AND competed in at least one LCSC USPSA competition (without disqualification) after the LCSC New Shooters Course has been completed (without disqualification). ​

    • Or has competed in at least one LCSC USPSA competition (without disqualification) and be a current member of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) or similar sanctioned organization.

    • Any other sanctioned shooting organization (i.e. IDPA) shooters will need to send verification of experience to bypass these stipulations.​

  4. SECONDARY SHOOTER: Secondary practice bay shooters must be above the age of 18.

    • If  classified C or higher in USPSA or a similar association, we will allow the secondary shooter.

    • If you have two shooters on the bay (one being an RO, one being a qualified secondary) you may allow a newer shooter to join the group as long as they meet the criteria highlighted above in #3​​​.


    • Practice bays are not intended for instruction of new shooters. Unless you are a certified firearms instructor and can provide the LGR with insurance naming you and the San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range Inc. as additionally insured, the practice bays are not to be used to instruct new shooters on shooting fundamentals and firearms basics. If you are in fact a certified instructor, you will need to contact for more information on how to reserve a range.​



  • Non- NROI certified members and non-members shall have participated in a United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) or similar sanctioned organization competition with scores posted for reference or have participated in our free LCSC New Shooter Course offered during our fourth Sundays USPSA match.

  • There is a $25 entry charge for Non-LGR member guests. Non-members will only be allowed to use the bays during our normal hours of operation, not on special request dates, and must be accompanied by an a NROI certified LGR Member.


  • Must gain approval from the LGR Staff

  • Must have a current NROI or Department Letterhead (Stating that you are a Department Range Officer) on file with us

  • Must be verified C Class or higher in USPSA or IDPA

  • Must have completed the 6 hour Member orientation and onboarding.

  • Working Member Volunteer Program:​

    • Match Director

    • Range Master

    • Stage Designer

    • Match build

    • Morning Match Setup

    • After the match until the match is completely broken down and the range is clean of all brass and debris

    • Club Maintenance Days: equipment, props, ranges, improvements, building props,  etc.

    • If you are unable to make it regularly to help set up for matches because of the location of which you reside, there are plenty of other very useful tasks that can be done remotely. Making flyers, managing Facebook, posting announcements, helping with PractiScore, managing volunteers, managing the website, organizing special event matches, designing stages, etc. This can all be worked out once you've applied.

    • If you have physical limitations, we can still find a way for you to help. Remember, this is a club and it is important that the club work as a team to ensure the longevity of our beloved sport. 

    • Reminder: This is a minimum expectation. We are excited to bring you the very best in competition shooting and are excited to expand and grow. We will rely on our club members to maintain its success. Let us know where your strengths lie, and we will find a job that will suit you. If you have free time and want to come help even if spaces are full, or you see a need, please come join us! The more the merrier!


"Solo Bay" usage is considered to be a privilege that is earned. Approval allows you to:

  • Practice alone 

  • Reserve ranges outside of LGR normal hours of operation as long as requested and approved

  • Bay rentals after 5pm and Tuesday/Wednesday

  • Allows for secondary shooters to be: Newer shooters as they are approved by an authorized LGR staff member, as long as it is not for profit

  • No additional fees will be charged for this luxury

Request for SOLO status is located on the website under Members Services. Or follow the link here:


  • Practice Bays (Bay 1 & 2) will be available to LGR members as long as they are shown available on our Range Calendar. There is no need to submit a Request for Practice Range form (UNLESS you want to guarantee that range will be available for you and other practice participants) or you wish to make a Bay available on off hours. Drop-ins are welcome.

  • Check into the front office prior to range use to receive a wristband. (We suggest calling ahead to verify the Practice Bay availability if you did not put in a range request, however not required)

  • Practice times and bay availability are subject to change. 

  • Practices are not currently available Tuesdays & Wednesdays due to the LGR Range being closed to the public, unless: 

  • All reservations shall be made at least 48 hours in advance. Any submissions 48 hours prior to request are not guaranteed. Any reservations made 72 hours or more in advance will be approved 3 days prior to range request date.

  • To check Practice Bay availability, please go to our New RANGE Calendar! 


  • Practice Bays MUST be used as if you are in a USPSA match setting.

  • RO's should be calling out commands and verifying all safety rules are met.

  • If you are NROI certified and are practicing by yourself, you must use safe tables. If you are with an RO, they can call out the final range commands, verify an unloaded firearm, and bag the firearm on the line, per USPSA Rules and Regulations. 

  • If any LGR staff finds that you are not using the facility in this manner, you may lose your Practice Bay privileges altogether.


  • Members will have access to some club equipment for practice purposes. This will be reviewed upon your first Practice Bay Orientation.

  • If we hear ricochets off the range from your use of steel, we will give you a warning to change the angles or setup of said steel. If it continues, we will have to ask that you remove the steel from your practice session. We will do everything we can to get "eyebrows" on the range mitigate the problem and as added protection to our surrounding community. 

  • Up to 5 shooters are allowed on each Bays 1 & 2. Please do not expect to have private practice schedules as all practice times are on a first come, first serve basis until bays reach capacity. If you would like to have a "Closed" Practice Bay session, please see "LCSC CLOSED Practice" below.

  • Members must provide their own tape, targets, and paint. Tape and targets will be available for purchase in the pro shop. Used target sticks, walls, fault lines barrels and targets from previous matches may be available. 

  • Members are required to take down and replace all LGR target stands that are currently in place on the range. The wood slats and black plastic backers are not for LCSC members use. All movable target stands and sticks used for LCSC competitions are available for members practice use. Please leave the Practice Ranges in the same condition as you found them. 

  • Members are required to police their own brass. You are only allowed to take what you shot. All brass left in buckets will go back into the facility. There is a $100 Brass Fine for not brassing the range after your session 

  • LCSC Steel will be available for use. Minimum distance is 10 yards. (At this time, the texas star is not available until "eyebrows" have been put in place.

  • Bay 1 & 2 allow pistol calibers only and Pistol Caliber Carbines with the intent of using them for competition.

  • If we have a Certified Training course being held on Bay 4-6 on our Range Calendar, we can open up one of the available Competition Ranges for practices for either rifle or pistol if requested and approved.


  • If you decide to post videos or photographs while using the Linden Gun Range facility and it finds its way to social media:

    1. All activity must be lawful and meet both State and Federal Firearm regulations

    2. Be tagged at the Linden Gun Range by either location or by hashtag.​

  • Please be mindful and represent the facility respectfully. Any activity which shows recklessness and/or is considered in poor taste will be grounds for loss of practice bays privileges and possible loss of LGR Membership. 

  • Any videos and marketing used to benefit or create monetary gain for a business must get pre-approval from the LGR staff and may incur a range fee in doing so. Practice Bay Range usage is intended for community, not business, activities.


  • There shall be no exchange for financial gain made on the LGR practice bay (i.e. paid for instruction). Any private sales, of any sorts, shall be handled OFF the San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range Inc. (Linden Gun Range, LCSC) facility located at 828 S. Hewitt Rd in Linden, CA 95236.


In compliance with the requirements of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ('ADA'),the Linden Gun Range will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its programs, services, or activities. The Linden Gun Range will make reasonable modifications to policies and programs to ensure that people with disability have an equal opportunity to enjoy our programs, services, facilities, and activities. If you need assistance with an ADA request, please contact our ADA Coordinator.


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Practice Bay Requirements
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