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  1. Range Safety Officers can ask anyone to leave the property WITHOUT a refund if that person is not following the range rules. We have ZERO tolerance when it comes to the muzzle of the firearm pointed at something or someone on the range other than your targets. 

  2. No drugs and/or alcohol on the premises, nor will you be admitted under the influence.

  3. Ear and eye protection are mandatory within 25 feet of the firing line. 

  4. No holstering on the facility. No drawing from the holster.

  5. All firearms MUST be in a case. Handling of firearms is ONLY done at the bench/stall on the firing line - not vehicle, not parking lot, not restroom etc. Violation will result in expulsion from range.

  6. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded at all times.

  7. Always keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction or downrange at all times.

  8. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on–target and you are ready to fire.

  9. Our rate of fire is 2 SECONDS between each round. No rapid fire.

  10. No crossfire. You can only shoot the target directly in front of the stall you set up on.

  11. Smoking and the use of cell phones is prohibited from the firing line; however, we do allow pictures and video, feel free to tag the range. 

  12. You must always have a chamber flag in the chamber of the gun.  Only exception is when the firearm is in a gun case or being used on the firing line.

  13. The tables provided in the waiting area behind the firing line are for ammunition, bags, tape and targets. Absolutely no uncased firearms on these tables. Do not handle your firearm on these tables.

  14. Use the designated walkways for moving downrange to service your targets.

  15. When putting up your targets, make sure your target is centered on the backing so the bullet does not go through the wood holding up the backing.

  16. Paper targets only. Be aware of your targets and what’s beyond it.  If you are not on paper after your first shot, ask the RSO for assistance to get on target.

  17. Please do not pick up brass unless it is your own. 

  18. At the end of your session, PLEASE RE-CASE YOUR FIREARM AT THE STALL.

  19. Please follow all posted signage and maintain a  5-mph speed limit while on property.

Cease Fires and Target Changes

  1. When you are ready to move downrange to put up or change out targets, make sure you unload and remove your magazines, insert your chamber flag into the chamber of the firearm, set the firearm down at the stall/bench with muzzle pointed downrange, collect your tape and targets and step off the concrete pad behind the red line. Inform the RSO that you want to call for a ceasefire.

  2. NOBODY should cross the RED firing line when there is a ceasefire. 

  3. The Range Safety Officers will check if all firearms are unloaded and have Chamber Flags. Once everything is clear, the RSO will call “Range is COLD”. 

  4. Once everyone has returned from down range, the RSO will do a visual of the range to ensure it’s clear. Once more, a line of communication “All clear.  Range is HOT”. Only then can all shooters approach  their designated stalls/benches, handle their firearm and commence firing.


  1. Persons wishing to access the 200-yard range must FIRST qualify at the 100-yard range and receive written authorization from an LGR Range Safety Officer.

  2. All above LGR Range Rules apply at the 200-yard range.

  3. Center fire rounds only.


  5. The use of scoped pistols and rimfire must be approved by an LGR Range Safety Officer.

  6. FOUR seconds between each round fired.

  7. You may only shoot from an LGR designated shooting bench/area/firing line.

  8. Do not move or shoot at any range equipment, props, targets (including steel) or vehicles without expressed permission from LGR Staff.

  9. Properly mounted paper targets on the provided targets backers are the only authorized targets on the 200-yard range.

  10. Each shooter must have equipment that allows them to verify hits on target from the 200-yard firing line.

  11. The 200-yard range is monitored electronically.

  12. It is the shooter's responsibility to alert LGR Staff of any safety and/or range concerns.

  13. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. If you are uncertain of any Range Rule, it is YOUR responsibility to ask LGR Staff for clarification.

  14. Access to the 200-yard range is a privilege and LGR reserves the right to deny and/or revoke a shooters 200-yard range privilege if found in violation of any of the above Range Rules.

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