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If a member chooses to add an additional service to an existing membership , these Terms of Services and Codes of Ethics/Conduct, will apply to that additional membership purchase.


All Protecting Soldiers Rights(PSR) & San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range Inc. (SJRPR), and/or it's subsidiaries, materials and documents including but not limited to questionnaires, documents, and instructions are only available in English.  


If Protecting Soldiers Rights and/or SJRPR Inc., and/or it's subsidiaries, encounters evidence of suspicious activity in connection with their membership, including, but not limited to, evidence that their membership is being used by someone who is not authorized to do so, you agree that PSR/SJRPR Inc. and/or it's subsidiaries, in its sole discretion, may opt to temporarily disable that membership for a reasonable amount of time in order to investigate. Any results of investigations may result in, but are not limited to, permanent revocation of membership with issued refunds. 


  • Membership is non-transferable.  

  • Initiation fees are Non-refundable.   

  • First 3 months membership fees are non-refundable. 

  • Refunds are only available with Paid in Full memberships for:      

    • Residency Relocation:  Must move further than 150 miles from the LGR facility and will require proof of address change and date of required relocation. After proof is received, we will issue a $20 per month refund for remaining membership agreement terms minus a 10% processing fee. 

  • AUTOPAY and Cancellations of Memberships:     

    • If you chose not to continue with monthly payments, or must relocate residency, you will forfeit your membership and any LGR incentive program monies/points accrued. You may be eligible to become a member again in the future. However, you must re-pay the initiation fee & start the process over again.    All other cancellation requests will be evaluated and decided at the discretion of the LGR management.

  • LCSC ANNUAL DUES: The LCSC will send annual Membership Renewal reminders on the first of the month for those needing renewal. The reminder will also include a link to make your payment. All dues must be paid by the the 15th of the month of your initial membership date or your membership will be terminated. To reinstate your membership, you must re-apply as a new member and pay the new members initiation fee. 



  • Must be Qualified to shoot at the 200 yard range.

  • Spectators must sign liability waiver and are not allowed on the firing line. 

  • Membership discounts will not combine with any promotional sales from the Pro Shop and/or Firearm Rental.

  • Membership entry is free for normal scheduled hours of operation and excludes special events unless otherwise specified. 

  • The Linden Gun Range reserves the right to change membership fees/dues without prior notifications.

  • SJRPR Inc. and/or it's subsidiaries reserves the right to change the Public Hours of Operation and Membership Requirements at any time without prior notifications. 

  • PSR/SJRPR Inc. and/or it's subsidiaries reserves the right to refuse service or deny a membership application to anyone.

  • Unlimited public range access through the PSR/LGR membership program does not include range fees associated with courses taken on site through private training groups or through the Linden Gun Range Academy.

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