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All courses on this calendar are held at The Linden Gun Range!

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Students Looking to train:

Any course listed as OPEN TO THE PUBLIC is available for you to attend/register. Courses listed in the calendar are run by the Certified Firearms Trainers and NOT by the Linden Gun Range. To register for a course, it must be done with the training group, through their website.

Step 1: Go to the Calendar below and click on any course shown on the calendar.

Step 2: On the right-hand side of the pop up window, you will find a light grey scroll bar. Use the scroll bar to read the full description.

Step 3: Follow the link provided in the pop up window to view the trainers page or to enroll in a course. You can also get a full course description by going to their website.

Step 4: Jot down their email address or phone number to inquire about the course further. Or you can get their information by viewing view our CERTIFIED FIREARMS TRAINERS  page. 

LCSC/Service Members:

For those that have been approved for practice ranges and are members of either the LCSC or a SERVICE Member, please review the calendar. Once you have found a range you would like to request, please submit a LCSC/SERVICE RANGE request form.

certified Trainers:

Calendar shows scheduled training (private and public) subject to a first come, first serve basis. Please call the range office at

(209) 887-3191 for more information. If you are a current LGR approved trainer, please fill out our Request For Range Rental Form. 

Range CALENDAR Legend:
bay 1: This range is west of Bay 2. It has no benches and is also behind the 200 yard range. 
bay 2:This range is located directly behind (west) the 200 yard range and has concrete benches at the 25 yard line. 
bay 3:The left 5 benches shooting into the berm located 50 yards from the firing line also soon to be improved with an wall making it an additional bay to be used for shooting competitions. .
bay 4: Located on the 200 yard range, it is the first (soon to be second once Bay 3 is enclosed with wall) stall on your left walking towards the 200 yard target line. This range is approximately 30 yards deep and 90 feet wide.
bay 5: Located on the 200 yard range, it is the second stall (soon to be third once Bay 3 is enclosed with a wall) on your left walking towards the 200 yard target line.   This range is approximately 30 yards deep and 90 feet wide.
bay 6:Located on the 200 yard range, it is the third (soon to be the fourth once Bay 3 is enclosed with a wall) stall on your left walking towards the 200 yard target line.  This training area is just shy of a football field in size. All firearms welcomed impacting the north berm.* It also comes with the 200 yard rifle target line.   With distance of 70 yard accommodating up to 20 students on one line, it makes it perfect for a carbine application. No pistol rounds allowed into this berm. However, you can use the east facing (200 yard) berm for rifle rounds and transition to the north facing berm (Bay 6) for pistol rounds.
200YD: 200 Yard Firing Line- The 5 right benches located at the firing line with bullets impacting the 200 yard target line.
all200: Bay 3-6 and the 200 yard target/berm line
NORTH: Bay 1-6 & 200YD berm.
CR1: Classroom 1- Our small classroom located north of the Main Office. It is the furthest east door and seats up to 12 students.
CR2: Classroom 2- Our large classroom located north or the Main Office. It is directly west of CR1 and seats up to 20 students.

828 S. Hewitt Rd.

Linden, CA. 95236



Hours of Operation

Thursday - Monday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.



Last Shooter Taken at 4pm/Office Closes at 4pm

Tuesday & Wednesday - CLOSED

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