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Duncan Ramirez
Lead Instructor, CEO

Duncan Ramirez is a 28 year veteran of the Stockton Police Department in California. He worked the majority of his career assigned to the Field Operations Division, Patrol Section.  He was assigned to Court Services Division, Security and Transport, during the last years of his career.

While assigned to the Field Operations Division, Duncan was selected as both a SWAT officer and a Field Training Officer. He remained in both of these assignments for 7 years. It was in these assignments that Duncan began his journey as a Firearms and Tactics Instructor. He received his initial POST certification as a Firearms Instructor. He continued to seek additional tactical training and certification, at his own expense, throughout the United States.

Duncan was designated as a department Firearms and Tactics Instructor, for in-service and new recruit training, as well as advanced training for specialized units. He was a Tactical Instructor at San Joaquin Delta College Basic Police Academy for 7 years. He also served as a Firearms and Tactics Instructor in the SWAT Basic and Advanced courses, also hosted by the San Joaquin Delta College. 

In 1996, Duncan was hired as an adjunct instructor at the California Specialized Training Institute (CSTI), for the Officer Safety and Field Tactics Course in San Luis Obispo.  There, he spent the next 14 years as a Firearms Instructor, Building Search Tactics Instructor, Training Coordinator for the (marking cartridge) tactical exercises program, and as an instructor in the low light tactics course.

Since 1988, Duncan has also trained private citizens in firearms training and other personal defense options. He has provided education on current California laws regarding justifiable use of force.



Lead Instructor, President

With over 30 years of shooting experience, Scott has enjoyed many forms of shooting both recreational and professionally. He enjoys showing new shooters how to become comfortable with firearms and build confidence in their abilities to safely use their firearm for personal protection and in the shooting sports.

He began a career in Law Enforcement/ Contract Security Services in 1999. During that time, he had experience shooting and working on H&K, Sig Sauer, Glock, Remington, Kimber, Colt, Bushmaster and various other firearms. As a police officer he worked patrol, street crimes, and special operations K9. To add to his list of training experience, he is a Federal Police Sergeant assigned to the firearms training division.


Scott is the President of GSG Learning Institute, a gun store and firearms training center located in Lodi, CA. Many of GSGLI’s courses are conducted at the San Joaquin Rifle & Pistol Range, also known as the

“Linden Gun Range”.

Certifications & other experience::

  • Department Of Justice Firearms Instructor

  • Firearms instructor ratings in CA, AZ, TX, UT and TN

  • Certified Police Range Master

  • BSIS Certified Range Master

  • Chief Range Safety Officer

  • Weaponless Defense Instructor

  • NRA Firearms Instructor

    • Civilian Pistol

    • Rifle

    • Shotgun

    • Law Enforcement Pistol

    • Patrol Carbine

    • Shotgun

    • Tactical Shooting

  • CCW holder / Instructor

    • Sacramento County

    • Placer County

    • El Dorado County

    • San Joaquin County (Pending)

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