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Linden Gun Range Academy


The LGR, or "Linden Gun Range", Academy mission is to provide a safe shooting experience for its members,

to maintain their shooting proficiency, along with improving their personal protection skills,

to promote the shooting sports,  provide the facilities and resources that promote family participation, 

to protect and preserve our shooting and hunting heritage, 

to offer shooting opportunities to youth and new shooters through education and instruction, 

and to support stewardship in our local community.

The LGR Academy... 

will focus on continuing, evolving, and advancing instruction.

Our vision is to provide our community with modules that are focused on certain fundamentals that you can repeat as often as you need. It is important to practice with your firearm regularly. Once a member has completed a course, this program enables you to come back into a class for a refresher at a discounted rate! Receive specific firearms skills & training while having a certified instructor there making sure you are developing the correct muscle myelination.  If you feel that your holster draw, trigger pull, basic safety skills or defensive tactics and mindset needs improvement or reinforcements, then you can revisit that specific module to refresh your skills.

This program will expand to fit the needs of the club. We will host weekend social events with organized BBQ's, potlucks, fun shoots, & competitions, creating a comprehensive social environment to become familiar with the safety & handling of firearms in both serious & sports like environment.

In the future we plan to have a range devoted to our LGR Academy graduates to practice their newly acquired skills. 

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