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Linden Gun Range Academy


LGR Basic Pistol Program is designed for the student who has limited or no experience with a handgun. This Program introduces foundational shooting skills that will continue with the student through each Module. If you are currently without a firearm, we will offer you a "Try before you Buy" experience.  Let  LGR  guide you through the process of selecting the proper tool for your needs.

For those new to handguns, we highly recommend you taking the Basic Handgun Maintenance Course prior to taking Module 1 of Basic Pistol. The Basic Handgun Maintenance class will take you through the nomenclature, cleaning, storage (home & transport), and maintenance of your pistol. It is the perfect way

to begin the Basic Pistol Program.




Thursday Nights


Safety briefing/range rules and shooting fundamentals will be covered at 5:45. Registration in the main office is open between 5:15PM-5:50PM.




Will be held on Saturday or Sundays

9:00AM - 3:00PM 




Will be held Saturday or Sundays after Module 7

9:00PM - 3:00PM

It is a good idea to come early if you need ammunition, safety items, or if it is your first time at our facility.  This course has the potential to run a bit long to cover all subject matters for completion, please keep that in mind.



Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

April 13

April 20

April 27

May 4

May 11

May 18


Module 1 (2-Hr)

  • Rules of firearms safety; selecting the proper handgun for personal defense; semi-auto pistol versus the revolver;

  • Foundational skills (Stance, Grip, Presentation, Sight Alignment, Trigger control)

  • Proper loading & unloading

  • Basic Shooting drills for accuracy assessment

Module 2 (2-Hr)

  • Shooting drills

    • 1-3 rounds at 3,5,7 yards.

  • Multiple target drills

  • Introduction to command drills to illustrate decision making

Module 3 (2-Hr) 

  • Introduction to the use of cover(barricade) drills

  • Introduction to handgun/flashlight training

Module 4 (2-Hr)

  • Rules of firearm safety

  • Basic shooting skills

  • Malfunction drills

  • Combat and tactical reloading drills

Module 5 (2-Hr)

  • Introduction to holstered carry

  • Multiple target drills

  • Failure drills

Module 6 (2-Hr)

  • Low-Light training

  • Reloading from holstered carry

  • Barricade and positional shooting techniques from holstered carry

  • Introduction to safe movement with a handgun.

Module 7 (6-Hr)

  • Timed shooting drills for speed and accuracy

  • Multiple target shooting drills

  • Variable distance shooting

  • Barricade and positional shooting

  • One-hand and support hand shooting

  • One on one competition, using steel and paper targets

  • Handgun/flashlight drills

Module 8

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