Whether you're a competition shooter, law enforcement, or carrying for defense - You will receive knowledge about pure gun skills that you can apply to any type of shooting. I won't only teach you to shoot, I'll teach you how to compete.

Elias Frangoulis

Shooting for Glory offers training nationwide and worldwide. Elias has years of coaching experience - first in soccer, and more recently in shooting. "I won't only teach you to shoot, I'll teach you how to compete". ~ Elias


"If you are looking for proven methodology and ways to improve your mental, technical and match performance, I would highly recommend taking a class from Elias. He’s a great communicator and delivers content in a way that can relate to your skill level."


~ Chris C.

2 day class Fri/Sat,

then shoot local match on Sunday with Elias!

November 23 & 24, 2018

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Build your solid shooting platform:
-Grip, Stance, Vision, How to aim, Draws, Reloads

-Footwork, Efficient movement, Exiting and entering positions, Barricades, Shooting on the move

How to Shoot for Glory:
-Mental and physical preparation
-Gear management
-How to shoot consistently and acheive your best match performance


✔️Bring 1000 rounds ammo, snacks, water, firearm, equipment


$400/2 days

PayPal: shootingforglory@yahoo.com

for payment.

To reserve your spot, 

Register for match through PractiScore:

$25 p/day Range Fee upon registration

Please call or text

520-256-3632 or email Shootingforglory@yahoo.com

with any questions.