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Linden, CA USPSA-Style

Movement course

March 16-17, 2019    8:00AM - 5:00PM

First come, first serveD:

Only 6 total available spots LEFT

 This class covers such things as explosive movement, position entry, footwork around obstacles, accelerating and decelerating steps, maintaining perpetual motion throughout a run, the drop step, leans, eliminating extraneous movement, and how to prevent/recover from a fall. I also have a drill for the movement portion of your transition that can instantly take time off, and a drill for quick movement that can instantly reduce your time any skill level.

AFTER: "I am so proud of how far Billy York has come in his movement. Reference the previously listed video for the before. It only took a two hour lesson with 180 Firearms Training movement coach, Kita Stoeger. Seeing this transformation taking place puts a huge smile on my face.

Great work, Billy!"

Course requirement & registration:

  1. Must move safely with a handgun or PCC and have one match worths of experience. If you have not participated in a match, please explain your experience on the registration form. 

  2. Have an outside of the waist holster that covers the trigger or a concealment holster

  3. Pistol that fits holster or a PCC case

  4. A belt and pants with a minimum of 3 belt loops

  5. 3 - 5 handgun magazines, at least 2 for PCC 

  6. 1000 rounds of ammo 

  7. A case for your firearm

  8. Register through Practiscore.

  9. Once you have registered, 180 Firearms Training will send you a link to submit payment. Course cost: $450 includes range fees, $425 for LGR Members

  10. Day 1: 7:30 AM arrival for course check-in in the LGR Front Office (waivers, wristband). On-range start time at 8AM for course set-up. We advise to bring a lunch and fluids to stay hydrated.

  11. Day 2: 8:00AM on range start time. No need to stop in the office.  It is apart of the course to stay after and brass the ranges and tear down the stages.

Be Prepared!

We shoot rain, shine or hurricane, so bring weather appropriate gear, sunscreen, bug spray, etc.  Plenty of extra ammo, extra mags, mag brush, a spare gun if you have it, sight adjustment tools for your gun, any gun repair items/replacement parts you may need, squib rod, etc. We’ve had students lose their front sight on many occasions, so bring an extra if you’ve got it! You are going to shoot enough rounds that you will probably have to clean your gun after the first day, so bring your gun cleaning kit! Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.


You are responsible for your own safety as well as the safety of those around you. Please stay alert and follow range rules. Be sure to wear eye protection and hearing protection.

Instructor: Kita Busse

About Me:

I have been coaching some of the top shooters in the world, along with many other competitive shooters in efficient movement for the past six years. Upon observing USPSA in 2010, my scientific background led me to wonder why shooters moved the way they did, because it was so different than any other sport I’ve ever seen. I tested proven movement techniques from other sports on top shooters over a matter of years to see what translated and what did not.

After 2 years of research, I began to teach movement classes all over the world. The research is continuous, and I am always searching for newer and better techniques to add to my training regimen. I have trained and am currently training the IPSC/USPSA National Champions in multiple countries. We are one of the only sports that does not typically use coaches. I am one of the first.

I am a movement coach, not a shooting coach. However, shooting does affect how you move, so we will be shooting live ammo. If you are having issues with shooting fundamentals, we can correct that, but the focus is not on “shooting skill”. It is on incorporating efficient movement into your shooting. All of my students have seen a significant improvement in their stage times.

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