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LGR/PSR Pre-Access Quetionnaire

Due to the recent influx of new firearms owners, we have seen an increase in safety violations on the public line. In order to ensure the safety of PSR members, public patrons, trainers, students, and/or guests; we are implementing a Safety Verification and Etiquette Course. Each patron deserves to feel 100% comfortable, safe and welcome at the Linden Gun Range. 

Prior to approving each patron to access the facility, we will review their history and advise them on how to gain access to the LGR Public Range Reservations page on the LGR website to access the firing line. Once we review your Questionnaire, we will either respond with an access code and approval to begin making reservations or send you to the registration form to take the LGR Safety Verification and Etiquette Course (SVE Course). When taking the SVE Course, you will have immediate access to the public line to practice what you have learned. This is a one-time course unless we find that you are unable to safely follow the range rules and regulations and/or the code of ethics and conduct. Based on the safety violation, you may not be able to return to the facility or will require you to take an 8-hour basic firearms safety course with one of the LGR approved certified firearms training groups.

LGR Safety Verification and Etiquette Course (SVE Course)

The purpose of this course is to ensure that each patron:

  • Understands the LGR Range Rules and Regulations, code of ethics, and conduct.

  • Can demonstrate safe firearms handling

  • Is provided options for an 8-hour basic course, if needed and if required by the instructor prior to accessing the public range

  • Understands:

    • The public vs members hours of operation

    • How to check into the front office

    • How to approach the public line

    • Depart from the facility safely


Please fill out this survey to get started so we can get you back out on the range with us, safely.

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