You must fill out the LGR/LCSC Membership Application and be accepted to the Linden Competitive Shooting Club prior to paying for the LCSC Memberships. 




An LCSC Individual plan

$75 One time Initiation Fee*

Annual Membership Fee Per Division: $50

  • Discount​s on your LCSC Division's sanctioned matches and all "Fun Shoots".

  • Access to Practice Bays (certification required) $10 Entry Fee 

  • Full price admission for LGR's Public Range. 

  • Become a   Linden Gun Range Member  to receive unlimited $0 entry feefor LCSC Practice Bays and unlimited $0 entry fee to use the LGR public range. If you sign up at the time of LCSC enrollment, we will waive your $50 LCSC initiation fee.                        

All those wishing to use the LGR Practice Bays must must also agree to terms, code of ethics/conduct and rules & regulations enforced by the Linden Gun Range & The Linden Competitive Shooting Club and it's staff. 

LCSC Bravo Initiation Fee

  • Step 1: Fill out and submit our LCSC/LGR Membership Application.

    Step 2: Once you have been approved, we will send you a "Membership Acceptance" email. The  email will include:

    • Links to pay for either:

      NEW LCSC Membership: a link to include a combined fee for your first years dues for the division (i.e. USPSA) of your choosing and the initiation fee.​

      LCSC + LGR Titanium: we will omit the link to pay for the LCSC initiation fee (Unless you chose LCSC Bravo plus the Individual Titanium plan. In that case your Initiation fee will be $25) AND ​a link to pay your first years membership dues for the division (i.e. USPSA) of your choosing. We will also include a link  to enroll in the LGR Titanium Plan through the LGR Members Only Website.

    • Any necessary forms and paperwork needed according to your application. 

    Step 3: Just follow the directions in the Membership Acceptance email. Don't worry! We will make sure we walk you through everything to make it as easy as possible. We can also handle all membership services in our front office to help you get started. We are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and excited about being apart of the Linden Gun Range family.