LGR Basic Pistol Program is designed for the student who has limited or no experience with a handgun. This Program introduces foundational shooting skills that will continue with the student through each Module. If you are currently without a firearm, we will offer you a "Try before you Buy" experience.  Let  LGR  guide you through the process of selecting the proper tool for your needs.


The LGR Ladies Basic course will cover 3 Modules of the Basic Pistol Program in one day plus the Basic Handgun Maintenance class. The Basic Handgun Maintenance class will take you through the nomenclature, cleaning, storage (home & transport), and maintenance

of your pistol. It is the perfect way to begin the Basic Pistol Program.


Ladies Basic Pistol 1

Course Dates **REQUIRED**
    • Nomenclature

    • Breakdown & cleaning

    • Storage (home & transport)

    • Maintenance 

    • Rules of firearms safety; selecting the proper handgun for personal defense; semi-auto pistol versus the revolver;

    • Foundational skills (Stance, Grip, Presentation, Sight Alignment, Trigger control)

    • Proper loading & unloading

    • Basic Shooting drills for accuracy assessment

    • Shooting drills

      • 1-3 rounds at 3,5,7 yards.

    • Multiple target drills

    • Introduction to command drills to illustrate decision making

    • Introduction to the use of cover(barricade) drills

    • Introduction to handgun/flashlight training