$5 Convience fee added

Covers all 3 days of Range Fees & 3 days of lunches.

This does not cover the course cost.

Please visit http://www.costaludus.com/ to register for the course.

Carbine Elements Theory (CET): Dec 4-6, 2020

  • Lunch Package includes 3 days of lunches provided in the LGR clubhouse with your instructor and fellow trainees. 

    Long days on the range can really take it out of you. That is why we are now offering a lunch package. 

    Get off the range, out of the elements, while enjoying a nice lunch spread in the LGR Clubhouse. This will take away the worry of preparing lunch at home after a day on the range or spending your lunch period driving, waiting, and rushing back to the range. 

    We are happy to accommodate any of you with food allergies.