A concealed carry gun permit (CCP/CFP/CCW) is a valuable credential for any multi-state traveler. Remember Hurricane Katrina when many law-abiding citizens had to vacate New Orleans to different states. Imagine how much peace of mind they would have had with a legal permit to carry a concealed firearm in whatever new state they were displaced to. That concealed carry handgun may save the lives of you and your family in an emergency situation. You just never know what is going to happen.

Utah Multi-State CCW

    • ALL Requirements for the class: Valid Identification. If you are a CCW in any other state, a copy of that will also be required.

    • No Ammunition, No Firearms; All Classroom.

    • This class meets the requirements for Utah BCI to apply for the Utah Multi State CCW Permit.

    • This class is 4 hours

    • The Utah Multi State CCW Permit is for 5 years and doesn’t require a class for Renewal.

    • There is a Utah Non-residence application fee associated with receiving this CCW that will be purchase directly through the state of Utah.