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this course is closed.

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  1. *Safety is paramount. This course is NOT for beginners. You should have attended at minimum a basic carbine AND basic pistol course taught by a reputable training company in order to attend. You should be able to safely hit an A-zone of an IPSC target from 25 yards with a rifle and 15 yards with a pistol.

  2. Due to the short time available to us, if we have to go through a zeroing process it will reduce the time we have to cover the course material.  Therefore we ask that for Performance Consolidation you make sure to show up with a zeroed rifle.

  3. We are aware of ammo shortages and pricing. We understand. We believe good meaningful reps, knowledge, and understanding are more valuable than mindlessly pulling a trigger. Therefore, for all JBS classes, we have created the curriculum so that you may bring less than the suggested amount and get all of the same value, minus more live-fire reps. You can get through any of our courses with 500 rounds. If you are fortunate enough to have more than that available, bring it. You'll want to shoot it. But if you're struggling, 500 is all you'll need to have an outstanding time.

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2 Day Performance Consolidation is a combination of rifle and pistol skills course and is designed with the intention of correcting flaws in mechanics, manipulations, marksmanship, movement, and processing, and showing ways and techniques to do all of these things more efficiently in both the rifle and pistol arenas. When the goal is maximum points in minimum time there is no room for wasted motion or inefficient technique. In this course, you will learn not only how to shoot better, but also how to practice better. You will learn the best methods to gain the results you desire in the fastest way possible and leave with a plan to get there. You wanna go fast? Then let’s go fast!

Two Day Performance Consolidation

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Mark Smith 2.webp

Topics Covered

  • Safety

  • Dryfire and how to practice to gain maximum return

  • Grip/Stance

  • The Draw

  • Marksmanship (Trigger manipulation/control)

  • Mental Discipline Applied to the Gun

  • Processing faster

  • Speed and where it comes from

  • Target Transitions

  • Weapon Transitions

  • Shot Calling

  • Reload Mechanics

  • Dynamic Movement

  • Weapon Manipulations applicable to barriers

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  • Competition/Duty Grade Handgun (No subcompacts/revolvers)

  • Serviceable Carbine in 5.56, .300blk, 7.62×39, etc. Minimum of 3 Magazines per weapon system

  • Magazine pouches that allow at minimum 1 rifle mag and 1 pistol mag on body

  • Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic Ears Preferred)

  • Competition/Duty Grade Holster (NO FABRIC HOLSTERS ALLOWED)

  • Recommended 400 rounds pistol 400 rounds rifle (bring more if you want to shoot more)*

  • Sling for the rifle (2 point preferred but bring what you have)

  • Notebook and writing utensil

  • Hydration and snacks for the day

  • Rain gear as applicable

  • Lube for the weapon systems

  • Knee and elbow pads as needed

  • Note taking materials

Gear required

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